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We are looking for

People who are passionate about HAIR!

People who are creative, talented

People who are fun and able to laugh at themselves

People who are detail obsessed

People who are honest

People who have a good heart

People who empathize with others

People who consistently go above-and-beyond

People who have a GREAT story to tell

People who like to work hard

People wanting a change in their life

People who don’t try to manipulate others for their own gain

Intoxicating and Inspiring Salon Industry Leaders – are you out there? Let’s meet…!

Creed of Katsu Hair
Mission should Katsu Hair plays to society and clients
– Safe and healthy hair care products only handling, and all products to choose for the purpose of release from the skin trouble, safety and security of up to 10 years in mature women of the region to deliver
– Any staffs, can perform the same level of service and hospitality and continue to provide safety and security to our clients
Mind set should be important in helping Katsu Hair of staff to act
– Meet and fulfill understanding, empathy and appreciation
– The “hospitality” of high class level, also in the relationship with clients, suppliers, and local business partners.
– The staff deference always leading role of clients to team work

Every day, we are enjoying with very supported from a lot of clients.

Katsu starts his career in hair industry from Japan, now he is here in the U.S.

Not were all satisfied from the beginning.
He has worked the salon like this in Japan.

Why? overtime work

Why? No weekend off when friends and families have party event. (like weddings)

Why? Training costs and training expenses own pocket

Always, I wonder why a Really? It was every day to ask myself with.

Salon were very busy, I sometime missed to have a little break or eating lunch.

As a result, it became to be hospitalized Haunting excessive stress and overwork.

He learned and reminded that if you are in good health, you can do what you want to.

“Clients also want to create a salon that can be healthy and safe for the staff!”

At the time of the 35-year-old, he decided to be independent and the Katsu Hair salon was born. Katsu Hair will pursue a healthy beauty. Katsu Hair is a salon that specializes in such anti-aging.

From the inner surface of the body, not just superficial beauty believes that there should be beautiful and healthy.

Therefore, commitment to the quotient material, we have to examine things that can be used with confidence less toxic to the body.

Especially in the hair color we have absolute confidence.

Grey hair for women is especially tend many times to dye it is a lot to be worried about.

We want to provide things that can continue in peace.

We have to take care of that beautiful and among other also focused on the beauty from the inner surface of nutrition, such as the study body.
Tweet of the owner Katsu
Now, is the labor shortage and beauty salon is too much!

A small beauty salon there is no inquiry for many months even out the jobs of stylist!

I even in such an environment is, you put on month after month job advertisements spending!
Gradually, you will feel me “It comes from anyone say”!

But you know, Do not do that! (I learned (laughs))

To be honest, we asked the people to work seriously in the stoic to work!

I am looking for people that can grow together!

A small beauty salon is treatment surface When compared to the large store I think bad.

But, you can take advantage of listening to the opinion of you.

Please contact us if you can sympathize!