Katsu Hair Salon Offers the Finest Hair Products and Services

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Prices are subject to change depending on hair length and texture.

Our professional hair team will carry out in-depth consultations free of charge to assess your hair and any style changes before your appointment.


Shampoo and Blow Dry included

    junior artists senior artists master
Men Haircut & Style   $30+ $45+ $55+
Women Haircut & Style   $45+ $65+ $80+
Children / Boy Cuts   $20+ $20+ ask
Children / Girl Cuts   $25+ $30+ ask


    junior artists senior artists master
Shampoo Only $20+
Shampoo with Blow Dry   $30+ $45+ $50+
Up-do’s   $55+ $75+ $75+


Extentions $1000+ consultation need
Wedding, House Call, on site services consultation need


Only Colouring Fee junior artists senior artists master
Half Head   $75+ $110+ $110+
Full Head   $100+ $150+ $150+
Full Head Colour   $80+ $95+ $95+
Men’s Redken Colour   $50+ $50+ $60+


Cut not included

junior artists senior artists master
Perms   $100+ $150+ $150+


Styling fee not included

Pureology Treatment $35+


Cut not included

Japanese Straight Perm It’s built into a straight hair with natural gloss by replenishing the hair interior with the amino acid which is the main ingredient of hair and the high natural material of the keeping moist effect of the collagen hyaluronan and increasing a protein. The hair which developed newly and a straight part come to have high effect of the straight perm by a protein’s being fixed inside the hair so that the operation number of times is repeated, and they’re also the natural finish, so styling becomes very easy. $330+
Brazilian Blowout Treatment This is a specially formulated straightening method that was created to straighten and restore previously damaged hair. This treatment will eliminate 100% of the frizz and 70% of the curl and will leave the hair soft and smooth with plenty of volume. At Katsu Hair, we pride ourselves on using the safest and greenest products available on the market. $300



Heidi Facials at Katsu

Heidi O


Heidi has unique technique doing your Facial!


I had a facial done by Heidi. Since it was my first facial I really have nothing to compare it to. With that said I would say she knows her stuff. Had my sleeping pattern and make up use pegged. 2 days later I am going with out foundation as suggestion and feel good. I look forward to my next facial to see just how much more she can correct in my skin appearance. I will be honest when you look at Heidi you know she is doing something right. She has beautiful skin, so flawless. So as her client I want what she has 🙂