We continue to active as “Suggestion Salon of Anti-Aging”, We would like you not to worry about age, to spend beautiful, comfortable, and healthy life in this area.

Our Licensed experts provide contemporary hair styles that are fun to wear and easy to manage. It is our goal to provide you with a hairstyle that fits both your personality and lifestyle. We offer our expertise in showing you the right products and tools to keep your hairstyle looking fabulous!

We truly value all of our clients and treat them all with respect and professionalism. We take great pride in provide each client with excellent customer service.

Also, we call an employee a “Team Crew” and we make their work environment and place to exerts great power, think staff’s life style and get an income for passionate woman.

5 key Promises.

  • Your time is our time, Appointments only.
  • We always take time to make consultations with each client with each visit.
  • After tools we used on each client, we sanitized and seal it with plastic bag.
  • We give mini head spa for every shampoo, so client can relax and enjoy.
  • If you’re not happy, services we did to you, we will try to fix the problem. So, you can be Happy!!.


As “Suggestion Salon of Anti-Aging”

We would like you not to worry about age, to spend beautiful, comfortable, and healthy life in this area.

We are “PHD” (Professional Hair Designers), providing the professional hairdressing industry with hair care products.


First, tea is offer when you walk in, however, get prepared to have the best cut and color of your life by the exceptionally talented hair stylist, and salon owner, Katsu. Moorpark is lucky to have a Beverly Hills experienced and Sassoon trained hair stylist like Katsu.

If you are feeling like a change, and want an amazing rejuvenating salon experience, I recommend a trip to Katsu Hair salon, and you will enjoy being pampered while Katsu creates your personal look. Thank you Katsu, Maria, & Heidi.

Lisa Lutz
Lisa Lutz
Etiquette of Ventura County
The best place on earth! Every time I come and see Katsu (and I have been getting my color and cut there for 10 years now...or more) , I walk out looking 10 years younger. I get many compliments on the way my hair looks and it is all due to Katsu! Highly recommended!
Ewa Fafaras
Ewa Fafaras
I had a facial done by Heidi. Since it was my first facial I really have nothing to compare it to. With that said I would say she knows her stuff. Had my sleeping pattern and make up use pegged. 2 days later I am going with out foundation as suggestion and feel good. I look forward to my next facial to see just how much more she can correct in my skin appearance. I will be honest when you look at Heidi you know she is doing something right. She has beautiful skin, so flawless. So as her client I want what she has :)
Judy Dee
Judy Dee